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Yes! That seems bit controversial statement, isn’t it?


Before we dive into this discussion/argument, I would like to clarify that my intention is not to promote any traditional ritual process so whether you are an atheist or a believer or some guy who doesn’t give a damn about topic as such please bare with me as we go ahead and try to understand the importance of PRAYER which is lost in our modern society.

Why dude? Why do we have to do that? I don’t think uttering few statements with difficult/weird words is gonna help me. It sounds quite dumb to me! ‘Straight-faced -_-

Okay Okay!! Relax!! Let’s start taking this one step at a time, Have you ever heard things like Talk positive things and expect only positive things to happen around you, we do right. Every self-motivational quotes or images with irrelevant background ‘pun intended’ will try to remind us all about positivity, self-talk, and stuff as such.

Now you think why this guy is suddenly into motivation and stuff rather than talking about god damn PRAYER. Well hold your horses, this will be quite confusing but try to keep a neutral mentality, Prayer is one form of positive self-talk. Give it a minute and try to think about it.


Does it make any sense? I hope it doesn’t, else no point in writing this blog any further.

What is PRAYER?

P – Positive Affirmations
R – Repetitions
A – Attitude
Y – Yield
E – Emotions
R – Rebirth

Note: Don’t worry I didn’t come up with this abbreviation. ‘Sour’

If you try to think about the PRAYER recite, no matter what religion it is from, it consists of positive attribute and praises of the Almighty.

So the point is when you are praying even for those few seconds, you are saturating the mind with positive thoughts and evidently, this event will leave no room for growth of negative thoughts.

I’m not saying that you will become ‘Star Performer‘ immediately after praying, nope that not possible at all. But this might help you develop a positive attitude if you do this long enough. Because we are praising/thinking about qualities like mercy, compassion, love & forgiveness when we pray. These positive affirmations will help the cleansing of the negative tendencies in thoughts.

As explained earlier this is not a one-day process this will take time but the end product will be worth it. Because it’s not something materialistic but a peaceful and positive inner self.

Before you get bored, if not already, I would like to end this blog and opening channels for feedback and criticism. Do let me know if you like to know more about it and please feel free to share your perspective on this.


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