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Bonjour Everyone! So in this blog, I would like to share something I have experienced far too many times in my life. And I believe you guys have experienced it too.

Yup! You guessed it right. Consistency. ‘it’s obvious from the title. duh!’ 

It’s been close to one month since my last blog and when I started writing blogs I planned to put up at least two articles in a week. I did follow that for a week or two but after that, I started coming up with loads of excuses and reasons for not publishing any new content.

Not just blogging, the same happens with a lot of stuff, ranging from gyming to reading a few pages daily. And thus I fail. Are you guys able to relate this to your own New Year’s resolutions, lapsed gym membership and half-read books?

It all starts by skipping that one day. And before you know it, you’ve given up already.

And the same sequence of events happens all over again. Maybe for a different thing or the same stuff, but in hope of a different outcome. ‘Seriously Guys! Take a hint’

But is it really difficult to Stay Consistent about something? 




To your surprise, yes it is. It is difficult to be consistent, to remain steady & to stay interested in the same thing over and over again. But you can always blame Human nature for this behavior. We, humans, have a natural tendency to get bored 😐with repetitive tasks.

Another interesting fact is that we all know how important Consistency is to our progress.

  • Imagine yourself completing that book you wanna read.
    ‘like that’s even possible’
  • Imagine yourself with that perfect abs and cuts you have been dreaming about.
    ‘well! you can at-least dream’
  • Imagine learning that instrument, that language.
    ‘I hope it to be just as easy as imagining’


So let’s get this straight, even though we know the importance of Consistency in our life. We chose to ignore that and give up so easily. And trust me I know we always have valid reasons to quit stuff. But it’s all load of BullSHit, we keep telling to avoid feeling guilty about cheating ourselves.

Now all this brings us to one question.

Why are we inconsistent?

I keep asking myself this question & the only answer that came to my mind is that. “I don’t want it bad enough”. Don’t you guys agree with me on this one?

I don’t think it’s easy to give up on stuff that we want so badly. Okay, now think about one thing that you have been consistently doing or done in your life. It can be anything from going to school for 12 years to working your ass off.

How did you do it? Because you had the necessary motivation to get it done ✅. If you have more reasons feel free to put it in the comment session.

Another thing is that along with the necessary motivation, you had a solid plan to get things done. Be it finishing your schooling or switching to a better profile/organization. And you don’t just wait for a better outcome but also look into the process to get things done i.e., visualize the process. And that’s one of the reasons you were able to get it done.

So now we can point out the key 🔑 ingredients to consistency:

  1. Necessary Motivation 
  2. Solid Plan 
  3. Visualize The Process


Let me elaborate a little,

Necessary Motivation: Do you really want to read that book? Or does learning french tingle your inner-self? Aren’t you going to the gym because of that one remark from nobody or to fit into that pretty dress or after watching too many motivational quotes/songs/movies 😛? But are these reasons enough, most certainly not. Everybody has something different things motivating themselves. So start thinking about it and find strong enough motivation to last longer. Longer enough to change that activity into a habit. No, you don’t have to search for it around the globe 🌏, just start looking inside your soul or inner-self or deep in your heart.

Solid Plan: Planning is very important for any activity or event. The success or failure of the activity highly depends upon the plan made even before starting the event. Planning every step before executing helps us stay on track and guide us through the process. Be very careful about the planning part, because it is equally important to not have a complicated plan.

Visualize The Process: Visualization is one of the strongest tools we can use to follow through to desired outcomes. Many times we are doing this without even realizing it! Don’t just be interested in the outcome, try to enjoy the process as well. Most of the times journey is more beautiful than the destination.

I will try to keep up my consistency with blogging and I hope you guys be consistent with anything that makes you happy 😊‘as long as, it’s legal’.

Enough about all the inconsistency & negativity, let me end this blog by mentioning that one thing we all are consistent about “Love”. Love for your parents, love for your spouse/s 😛, kids, more than friends 👫 👬 👭 & friends. Maybe we should start loving the stuff we do to make it lasting. 

I don’t know 🤷‍♂️about you guys but I’m bored 😑& it’s 4 in the morning so I’m gonna wrap this up. Please feel free to share your insights & suggestions through the comment section below.

Sayonara! 👋


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